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COVID Policies

COVID Restrictions FAQ

How many spectators will be allowed at practice and games? Spectators are not allowed at practices. There will be one spectator permitted per player per game. Spectator check-in for games will begin 5 minutes before game time. The one spectator per game rule was established in conjunction with other teams within Region 4 in an effort to enforce as much consistency as possible between teams within the Region (the consensus was to allow zero or one spectator per player per game). The Association chose to allow one spectator, and if the environment surrounding COVID changes, the association may revisit this rule. The only exception to this “one spectator rule per player” is if a parent or guardian is a coach, team rep, or volunteer for a work shift during a game, such as working the penalty box, scorebook, clock, or disinfecting the rink.

When are skaters and spectators allowed to enter and exit the rink?
Players and Coaching Staff enter the building (north door) no sooner than 15 minutes before scheduled ice time and exit (west door) within 15 minutes of leaving the ice. Goalies can enter 30 minutes early. Parents/Guardians of skaters who need assistance with tying skates may enter with the skater but must exit the rink as soon as the task is complete. Also, each player, coaching staff, parent, and volunteer member will have their temperature taken with a non-contact infrared thermometer upon entering the rink for games. Team and spectator rosters and practice attendance sheets will be used to track attendance for contact tracing purposes.

Are face coverings required at the Rink?
All skaters, coaching staff, referees, spectators, and volunteers must wear face coverings within the building. Players and referees are expected to wear face coverings at all times. Individuals with a medical condition or disability that makes it difficult to wear a face covering and children under 2 years old are exempt from the face-covering requirement. Spectators failing to wear a face-covering when entering or while in the rink, will be offered a mask and may be asked to leave the premise if they choose not to wear a face covering.

Will there be Concessions?
The Board of Directors voted to suspend concession stand sales indefinitely. If the current environment changes, the board may determine to reinstitute concession stand sales. With that said, skaters, coaches, and spectators may bring into the rink non-shareable beverages in identifiable containers. Food consumption at the rink is not allowed until further notice.

Will there be Public Open Skate?
Yes! Open Public Skate will be held on Friday nights from 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m. from Nov. 13 - Mar. 5th. We will be asking that those working Open Public Skate arrive 20 minutes prior to the doors opening to allow time for set up. To manage open skate attendance, guests attending the open skate will sign-up online through EventBrite. Maximum open skate attendance (not including volunteers) is 75 people. Like in previous years, Teams will be assigned an Open Skate weekend. Cleaning of the rink the week of the Open Skate will still be required. To maintain social distancing, each team will have a sign up for 4 individuals to perform general cleaning (not disinfection) e.g. sweeping, mopping, etc.. during each practice. Those scheduled to clean the rink, will be allowed to enter the rink after practice starts and must exit the building as soon as the cleaning tasks are done. Visiting and loitering in the rink will not be permitted during this time.

What is LiveBarn and how do I sign up?
The Association is working on the installation of LiveBarn. LiveBarn provides Live and On Demand online broadcasts of
amateur and youth sporting events. If you are interested in using Live Barn, you will need to sign up for a subscription
through a code that will be distributed to the association in the near future. Your subscription will also allow you to view
games at other rinks that have a LiveBarn system. A portion of the subscription proceeds will be returned to the

How often will the rink be cleaned?
To maintain the health and safety of everyone, the association is cleaning/disinfecting high touch areas in the facility
between games and after practices. Cleaning and disinfecting the rink area will be an effort asked of everyone, and your
team rep will explain to you how this process will be handled going forward.

What if a Player or individual in the household is sick with symptoms of COVID-19 without a
known contact of a positive COVID-19 individual?

Please, STAY HOME if you are sick or exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19, including fever, sore through, cough, or
shortness of breath. If someone falls ill at the rink, they should report their illness to a coach or team rep and/or leave
the rink immediately. If the individual is unable leave the rink they will be asked to wait outside of the facility or be
quarantined in an available isolated area within the rink. Persons who were ill without known contact of a positive
COVID-19 individual may return to the rink, practice, or games if they are:
• Fever-free for 24 hours without medication
• 48 hours after last episode of vomiting, diarrhea, or when on antibiotics for at least 24 hours or as approved to
return by a doctor.
Individuals in the household who are not experiencing illness or symptoms may continue to visit the rink and attend
practice, games, and open skate.